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Meet Kelly: Your Guide to Peak Performance and Injury-Free Racing

With over two decades of experience in the heart-pounding world of endurance sports, Kelly is not just a seasoned competitor across a variety of races — from the gritty trails to the challenging roads, and the intense demands of both winter and summer triathlons — she's also a beacon of knowledge and support for athletes aiming for their personal best.

As a licensed physical therapist and endurance coach, along with a specialization in endurance sports nutrition, Kelly brings a wealth of expertise to her athletes. Her unique perspective as a dedicated athlete, skilled practitioner, and endurance coach provides her with the understanding of what it takes to remain at the top of your game, healthy and injury-free.

Kelly's passion shines brightest when guiding her athletes not just to the starting line, but across the finish with personal records shattered and their bodies still strong and resilient. Her commitment to health and performance is unmatched, whether she's offering physical therapy or specialized coaching services in Woodland Park, or coaching endurance athletes of all abilities online to achieve their ultimate race goals.

Choosing to work with Kelly means tapping into a deep well of knowledge, experience, and personalized care designed to help you compete at your best while safeguarding your health. Join Kelly and take the first step towards making your goal race not just a dream, but a memorable reality where you cross the finish line faster and stronger than ever before!

Start training smarter, race stronger, and achieve your athletic goals today by booking your free consultation with Kelly here

Services List

Here is a list of endurance coaching and physical therapy services that Kelly provides. Prices vary based on service. Looking for a specific service that's not on the list? Kelly has a wide breadth of skills and tools not listed! Book your free consultation with Kelly here:

Endurance Coaching

Prepare physically, mentally, and logistically for your upcoming endurance races based on YOUR race goals, abilities, and lifestyle.

  • 1:1 customized and comprehensive coaching for endurance athletes of all abilities (3 months minimum)

  • Race “rescue” consulting for endurance athletes who have less than 3 months to successfully prepare for their upcoming race.

Additional Services to Improve Your Training & Racing Performance

  • Run video analysis

  • Blood lactate testing 

  • Functional movement assessments 

  • Endurance sports nutrition consultations

  • Race day fueling and hydration planning consultations

  • Race course recon, pacing tactics, and gear consultations

  • Strength and mobility programming to complement endurance training

  • Workshops & consultations for successful terrain, course, and gear management

  • Flexibility & peak force muscle testing to assess & address muscle weakness/asymmetry

  • Already have a coach you know and trust, or you are self coached, but would like to consult with Kelly on the course or something else? Great- we can take a team approach to better serve your needs!

Sports & Pelvic Physical Therapy

Assess AND address! Get down to the “why” you are having pain, weakness, abnormal movement, or pelvic floor concerns by starting with a comprehensive assessment, then address the findings with an individualized treatment plan while continuing to do the activities that make your heart sing and fill your soul. In-person and video appointments available.

  • Holistic physical therapy assessments of sports and pelvic floor related concerns

  • Pessary evaluation, fit, and management for female athletes who have prolapse or urinary leakage concerns

  • Diagnostic ultrasound of musculoskeletal injuries, diastasis recti, and real time muscle movement imaging

  • Hands-on treatments to reset the nervous system, inhibit pain, and restore muscle function, such as:

    • Integrative dry needling with or without electrical stimulation

    • Spine, joint, and soft tissue mobilization

  • Corrective exercise to reinforce movement and appropriately reload your body following injury

  • Not injured and want to stay that way? Primary care physical therapy appointments are also available!

If you’re unsure what services you will benefit from in order to reach your goals, book a free online consultation with Kelly:


Contact Information:

Dr. Kelly Rose Thomas

Office Address: 400 W. Midland Ave., Suite 204, Woodland Park, CO 80863

Office Phone: (719) 337-6915

Email Address:


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